Marlboro College Graduate Center                                                                                     Brattleboro, Vermont
Master of Science in Computer Engineering                                                                                      August 2000
Majoring in Internet Engineering


Western Carolina University                                                                                           Cullowhee, North Carolina
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration                                                                                         May 1999

Majoring in Computer Information Systems



Work Experience

Chair of the School of Information Technology

July 2012-Present

ITT Technical Institute

Cary, NC


  • Manages programs and instructional staff within the school of study at the Cary NC campus.
  • Ensures proper instruction and delivery of curricula, and ensures that the learning environment meets the curricula requirements.
  • Communicates performance expectations to instructional staff, monitors performance (including conducting classroom observations), analyzes key performance indicators, provides coaching and feedback, evaluates performance and recommends corrective actions.  Facilitates faculty concern resolution.
  • Assists Dean in the creation of academic goals and objectives for the campuses’ Institutional Effectiveness Plan.
  • Develops and coaches faculty in the achievement of goals and objectives.
  • Makes recommendations to the Dean regarding the selection, retention, and assignment/ scheduling of faculty.
  • Assists the Dean in determining classroom equipment and instructional staffing needs.
  • Manages orientation, training and development of faculty.
  • Conducts regular faculty meetings to discuss policies and procedures.  Monitors faculty to ensure compliance with policies and procedures.
  • Serves as curriculum resource for students and faculty.
  • Conducts regular curriculum meetings to inform faculty about new and revised curriculum, courseware, and teaching materials; solicits feedback regarding curriculum.
  • Provides feedback regarding curricula to appropriate curriculum committee.  May serve as curriculum content contributor and/or reviewer.  Participates in advisory committee and advisory board meetings.
  • Monitors student grades and attendance to ensure accuracy and compliance with policies and procedures.





Blogger CEO

Dsylexic in America

March 2008-Present

Clayton, NC


  • The most important reason I blog, is the slim hope that somebody out there with dyslexia will read this blog and find some kind of hope. In knowing that there are other people out there who have been through the same difficulties same criticisms and ridicule and have made it.
  • One of the most difficult task for a dyslexic, is communication through the written form, blogging gives me the opportunity to improve my writing skills.
  • It is definitely a release for all of the thoughts that go through my head throughout the day, some are important, some I just need a chance to vent, rant, rave or praise.
  • I hold great passion for Information Technology, not so much the toys but the pure logic behind the science. As a dyslexic I find my interests really lie in things that are 100% logical (I.E.) I love chess because the rules never change, I find it much easier for me to get my mind around things that are constant.
  • In short blogging while dyslexic might seem like a foolish activity to most, but it is the ultimate release for my day-to-day thoughts and also a great way to practice communication and writing.


Adjunct Faculty

Mille -Motte Technical College

January 2012 – Present

Raleigh, NC


Taught the following classes:

  • IT110 Comptia A+ PC Hardware
  • IT114 Net +
  • IT235 Windows Server 2008 Administration
  • IT236 Windows Server 2008 Administration and Networking





November 2006-March 2012

Clayton, NC


  • Information technology consulting firm that specializes in social media strategy, that helps improve overall visibility and (ROI) to our customers. By effectively using search engine optimization, twitter, Facebook, Google plus and other social media tools we can help increase traffic and overall (ROI) to our customers. We also have an ongoing project Dyslexic in America.  That help supports people who, are looking for information and resources about dyslexia.


Associate Vice President (CIO)

Emporia State University

June 2007-August 2008

Emporia, KS


  • Responsible for the development and maintenance of the strategic and operational Information Services Plans
  • Responsible for fiscal year budget development and management
  • Responsible for IT vendor and contract management
  • Responsible for ensuring alignment of Office of Information Services operational/project activities/goals/objectives and University objectives through governance and strategic planning engagement
  • Full time in enrollment 7241, faculty and staff 531 Number of people supervise 33


Associate Chief Information Officer

North Carolina Central University

July 2006 – June 2007

Durham, NC


  • Strategic planning, policy development, and operational design of the core administrative data programming, processes, and delivery  for  student, financial aid, human resources, and finance units
  • Provide leadership, management, implementation, and assistance with evaluation for the University’s IT enterprise
  • Manage architecture and data/information integration planning with an emphasis on the institution’s required administrative business processes and procedures
  • Represent the Information Technology Services organization with key constituents of the University to determine multi-year direction and goals for department or university-wide information processing services
  • Contribute to assuring that the Information Technology Services division programs, services and operations are appropriate, effective and efficient
  • Oversee the development of organizational standards pertaining to work procedures, systems security, data integrity, and communications policies
  • Work with hardware and software vendors and external technology sources to develop relationships and resources to keep abreast of changing technology
  • Evaluate and assess on-the-job training, courses, or peripheral training opportunities that will meet the needs for employee development
  • Represent the University in national, regional and other forums
  • Develop financial models to enable exploration and implementation of information initiatives
  • Oversee risk assessment for technological initiatives
  • Oversee the process of obtaining quality control feedback for all technology organizations
  • Oversee the prioritization process for all technology organizations
  • Full time UG 6022, faculty and staff 723, Number of people supervise 74




Director of Operations

Fayetteville State University                                                

December 2002 – June 2006                                                 

Fayetteville, NC




  • Plan, implement, evaluate and administer campus information technology infrastructure for networking, systems and operations, administrative computing, academic computing, web development and technology training for staff and faculty under the direction of the Chief Information Officer (CIO).
  • Maintain the IT budget.
  • Resolve personnel matters in a professional and appropriate manner.
  • Set and maintain policies and ensure these policies are followed.
  • Supervise information technology personnel.
  • Identify and provide professional development training for IT staff.

Applications Services

  • Project lead for new application software migration.
  • Coordinate, manage and support administrative applications projects.
  • Advise senior management on standards and directions.
  • Serve as an escalation point for our clients
  • Manage the development, implementation, and maintenance of SCT Plus applications systems And SCT Banner.


Client Services

  • Research and manage deployment of call tracking system.
  • Lead a team of technical professionals to ensure optimal use of resources while maintaining and improving performance.
  • Analyze Help Desk statistics and make recommendations for improving service level.
  • Ensure root causes of problems, which are identified and solved.
  • Provide remote end-user support to clients including trouble-shooting and proactive communication.
  • Manage performance, skills development, and certification of the Help Desk team.
  • Ensure customer inquiries received via phone, email, or in person are responded to and resolved in a timely manner to customer satisfaction.
  • Responsible for the implementation of improved procedures and/or enhanced diagnostic tools for team members to use.

Web Services

  • Coordinate, manage and support web development projects.
  • Receive, log and track web site maintenance requests.
  • Act as main point of contact for CIO and Faculty & Staff partners regarding status of maintenance tasks.
  • Responsible for project plans, timelines, deliverables and budget.
  • Provide weekly maintenance status reports to CIO including hours spent on maintenance, outstanding maintenance requests and completed maintenance requests.


Project management

  • SCT Banner ERP.
  • Responsible for managing staff and budget.
  • Responsible for Data Warehousing, Data Modeling, Database Security, and OLAP.
  • Project documenting and procedures for Banner 6.1 implementation.

Training and Staff Development

  • Assist in the orientation of new staff continuing with staff motivation and development.
  • Increase effectiveness and efficiency of service by developing and better utilization of talents, abilities and potential of employees.
  • Help employees develop their knowledge, skills and abilities so that they might become better qualified to perform the duties of their present jobs and advance to more responsible positions.
  • Provide development for managers and supervisors capable of organizing and developing effective management systems for the accomplishment of the goals and objectives of the University.
  • Full time in enrollment 4260, faculty and staff 540, Number of people supervise 34



The NC School of Science and Math

June 2000-December 2002

Durham, NC


  • Responsible for the management, implementation and development of web based database applications and queries using HTML, Cold Fusion, JSP, Visual Basic, and MS SQL Server 2000.
  • Responsible for implementation, supervision and evaluation of major programs for the NOW project (Federally funded grant for the implementation of technology in rural North Carolina).
  • Provide technical expertise, programming and support for the NOW project that relies on Internet and intranet (Education Future Center) databases.
  • Prepare and run queries from databases to extract data for statistical analysis.
  • Advise staff on issues concerning technical support, computer integration, and software development.
  • Research, test, and implement applications and technologies relevant to the success of Education Future Center.
  • Administration of an NT Network, network resource distribution and management, equipment installation, maintenance, and preparation of reports.
  • Provide tech support for video conferencing on the NC Information Highway using H.320 and H.323
  • Administrate Blackboard, ColdFusion 4.0, 5.0 and MX, SQL 7 & 2000, Imatrix, and Exchange 5.5 & 2000 servers.
  • Help set standards for XML implementation.
  • Full time in enrollment 300, faculty and staff 73 state wide, Number of people supervise  5


NC State University                                                                

May 1999 – June 2000                                                            

Raleigh, NC


  • Design and create web-based applications and documentation to support the University.
  • Design and implement databases in ORACLE8i for web-based applications.
  • Implement hardware and software solutions for the day-to-day operations.



Web designer

Western Carolina University,

 Student Affairs                                                                                      

August 1996 – May 1999

Cullowhee, NC


  • Design and manage web site for the Office of Student Affairs.
  • Develop web based database applications and queries using Perl, CGI, and MySql forms to request financial aid documents.
  • Design and implement SQL Server databases for tracking information requests and mailing lists.